7 October - 30 October 2019

An amazing celebration of portraiture art for Black History Month


Lauren Little

Lauren Little is a mixed media artist, teacher and independent curator. Born in London, England. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and another in Education from the University of Calgary in Canada where she lived for 14 years. Lauren primarily uses paper and photographic imagery in her work as a tool to describe the colourful beauty in the mundane and ordinarily disregarded features of everyday life. ​ Her work in the creative arts continues to evolve as she uses her time create new artwork, and encourages others to express their own creativity through her self-made projects Dark Yellow Dot & Feeding Stick Figures.

Blessing Essang

I am a hobby artist based in Leeds. My background is that of a medical doctor, graduation from medical school in 2016 and currently training to become a general practitioner. Despite seeming like two opposite ends of the spectrum, medicine is more like art than it is different. Guidelines, anatomy is fundamental but they way we navigate and practice is fluid. As a creator and a doctor I mould, adapt, work with imperfections and learn acceptance.

Jamel Alatise

As a Socially Engaged Artist–Creative, I have an interest in Culture & Design.
As a Creative, I have cultivated a toolbox - an assortment of techniques, processes, and strategies that allow me to respond to manifold problems by generating solutions.
As an Artist, I have my own desires and intentions I wish to contribute and, as an artist I am interested in the myriad roles and forms being an artist allows: artist as performer, artist as researcher, artist as investigator, artist as community-a

Nigel Korley-Simon

I was a traditional painter and I transitioned into digital painting
I studied art at Canterbury Christ Church and Croydon College
I had my first exhibition in April 2019 entitled The Rebound

Denisha Anderson

Denisha Anderson centres her work around a fascination with humanity. Her varied practice displays an ability to explore all realms within photography; documentary, fashion and portraiture; however the key themes of identity, race and gender remain. Her desire to speak cultural truths and reveal injustice has lead to travel being a key part of her practice. Anderson is able to make the unfamiliar recognisable and manages to create images revealing the beauty in our shared human experiences.

Francilla Seaton

I'm a fine artist working in mediums such as paint, photograms and print making including etching. I originally studied fashion and textiles, though I had a talent for drawing from an early age, making extra ‘pocket money’ creating portraits and art work for friends at school, a particular favourite were my pencil drawings of page three models. I moved from Luton to London in 2009 to study fine art at Kingston University, where I developed my practice Zions-i Art to Inspire, Motivate & Uplift.

Amberlee Green

Amberlee primarily creates digital illustrations based on the beauty of black womanhood. Her work is minimal and line based in nature - the results are meant to be soothing; both for Amberlee as an artist, and for the viewer. As well as illustrating, Amberlee has a full-time career is in mental health with an academic background in Psychiatry, and currently works at University Arts London as a Mental Health Adviser. Wellbeing is therefore central to her creative and professional practice.

Gabrielle Oke

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, yet it was through studying fine art in 6th form that I recognised my passion for the arts. The A* was a happy achievement and since then, art has found a permanent place in my life. Through studying Philosophy at Warwick University, working at one of London's biggest advertising agencies and then finally leaving it all to gain an MA in Acting, painting has been not only a consistent part of these last 4 years but has grounded me through it all.

Bidemi Omirinde

My name is Bidemi, I am a hobbyist and semi-freelance photographer from East London trying to become more “serious” with photography.
I love art and I've always wanted to create beautiful moving images which tell captivating stories.
I ventured into photography as a relief from a stressful job. Over time, I began to enjoy photography.


HKB FiNN is an extraordinary visual artist who loves to tell human stories with flair & a touch of humour. He began his creative life as a performance Poet, but has focused more on visual arts in the last 10 years. FiNN is an visual arts graduate from the university of East London & his first solo photo exhibition was held at the Hastings Museum & Gallery in 2014 entitled: 'Misogyny is suicide' which featured portraits of Black Women.

Fiona Williams

I grew up in a very creative household.
Age 7 I won my primary schools painting and drawing competition. At secondary school, my art work took on a decorative nature
Later I took an Art Foundation course at Reading College of Art and Design, followed by a B.A in Textile Design at Central St Martins. On leaving St Martins I worked at The Gallery of Antique Costume and Textiles (then located on Church Street in Marylebone) for several years. All the while working on my own creative projects.



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