5 Podcasts Every Artist Should Know About

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If you find the sound of silence more infuriating than inspiring, a podcast might just be the best way to get your creativity flowing. Podcasts have become hugely popular over the past few years and the fact that you can find one on just about any topic is a testament to how important this audio medium has become to us. Aside from the obvious benefits of learning something new and being entertained, podcasts can also have a significant impact on how we work when we listen to them. Podcasts have been shown to improve the “mind’s eye,” promoting imagination and cognitive function. In other words, listening to a great podcast can help stimulate your brain, thereby helping your creativity and getting your brain ticking.

Whether you’re looking to get your cerebral cogs turning while you work away on your artistic project, or you want to gain some tips and information on how to promote your work as an artist while you’re riding the bus to your side-hustle, these great podcasts can help inspire, entertain, and inform you on how to get the best out of yourself and your creative work.

The Savvy Painter

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If you’re keen to learn some tricks of the trade from veteran artists and professionals, then The Savvy Painter is definitely for you. Host and artist Antrese Wood invites seasoned artists to tell listeners about their work and experiences in their artistic fields with a view to help others grow their businesses. The visionaries Wood speaks to provide fascinating insights into their working lives as artists, revealing the successes and struggles they face as contemporary creatives. In addition to interviewing accomplished guests, Woods also delivers episodes on how to plan and organize your own gallery show, licensing advise, and how to build relationships with collectors. For a real look at the business of art, this podcast is a must-listen-to.

Artists Helping Artists

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While you might have your found your own personal artistic style, it can be difficult for many artists to advertise and promote their work. Artists Helping Artists is a podcast dedicated to helping people find unconventional ways to get their artwork out there, from going through the basics of giclee printing to using social media to help get your work the attention it deserves. Host Leslie Saeta, a passionate painter, has 30 years of experience in the marketing industry and has a wealth of knowledge on how to capitalise on your creativity. Artists Helping Artists delivers unconventional yet brilliant tips on how to market your art online, and you’re sure to learn a few new business tricks thanks to this enlightening series.

The Jealous Curator

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Feeling alone in your struggles as an artist? The Jealous Curator is the friend you need in your moments of self-doubt and loneliness. The podcast’s host Danielle Krysa takes a step back from art itself and instead explores the actual lives of artists and what it means to be a creative. The Jealous Curator is a behind-the-curtain look at what it’s really like living as an artist in today’s world, and an honest exploration of all of the hilarities, absurdities, struggles, failures, and triumphs that happen in an artist’s day to day life. Krysa invites a different artist on her show every week for a chat, and with over 100 free episodes available for you to listen to, you’ll be entertained for hours on end. For a comforting and fun way to feel connected with others doing what you do, this podcast is a winner.

Smart Passive Income

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Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income reveals all of his online business strategies, income ideas and marketing tips for any type of small business. Discover how you can create multiple passive income streams so have the freedom to continue creating your art. He's honestly a genius, so listening to him is a must if you wanna be a successful creator.

A Piece of Work

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If you’re a fan of the hilarious TV series Broad City, you’ll love WNYC’s A Piece of Work, hosted by Abbi Jacobson. This 10-part podcast follows Jacobson as she visits different art installations with hilarious and insightful guests and friends. What makes this podcast so enjoyable is getting to observe the world of art through the eyes of someone who is extremely interested but also very confused about art. Abbi Jacobson is a delight to listen to, and her fun, eclectic podcast is not only a boost of positive energy and a good laugh, but also a helpful way to see art through the eyes of someone who wants to learn more and who isn’t afraid to ask the questions that most of us, even artists, don’t know the answers to. A Piece of Work is the perfect audio escape - and an entertaining and educational one at that.

From helpful tips to professional insights to hilarious adventures in the world of art, these podcasts should help you find ways of improving your creative endeavours, get your work out there in the best way possible, and have a few laughs while doing so.

Have any other great podcast suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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