Our Year 2018 in Nutshell

Highlights of our Amazing Year 2018


A Taste of Home

We started the year off with a bang or bangers and beans I should say, with the amazing solo exhibition we held at the Genesis to highlight the work of embroidery artist Chloe Amy Avery, who is a literal genius at creating pseudo paintings with nothing but thread and fabric, of Britains favourite eats and sweets.


Locus of Walthamstow asked us to find a brilliant illustrator to decorate their hallway. We found Brixton’s Kayleigh Marshall. Now look at her, painting shapes and lines all over London. She’s one to keep your eye on.


Artwork by Roberto Grosso

Captive State

We put 4 completely different artists together to create the 'Captive State’ group exhibition at the 177 Bar in Hoxton. It featured Ronan Walsh, Riko Yasumiya, and we still get lost in space with Mark Batty’s galactic oil paintings, and could never forget the augmented realities of Roberto Grosso’s music infused work.


This month was also when we ran our first ever PaintFix workshop! Enter the Peacock. Ew not enter the peacock, but, like, the peacock enters here… a peacock didn’t actually enter the class, we just painted one...


Together again with the Genesis, we highlighted the whimsical work of illustrator Franz Lang, who later went on to be featured on Association of Illustrators, and is now the featured muralist of the season for our friends over at Theatre Deli. Look at the Christmas-but-not-Christmassy wall she painted there.


One of your favourite blog posts became one of the popular kids during this month... What To Put On your Creative CV When You Don't Have Much Experience.


Posts In full bloom

Our Foliage theme on Instagram @darkyellowdot was in full bloom! We never knew so many artists were out and about drawing and painting leafy things. People tagged us, and these were some of our favourites..


Keepin' it 100!

Our first 100 Artists of the Month! Every month we select a few of the submissions to create our Artists of The Month features on our homepage, to highlight and celebrate their art. Because we love art. But we love artists more.


Arts Collective

We joined our buddies at Theatre Deli to throw our first Arts Collective art print sale. We had music, we had food, we had good vibes, and had 10 amazing artists. In one breath *inhale* and GO! Kirsty Riddell, Nicci James, Ruth Batham, Heather McNeill, Emma Christopherson, Yharnna Designs, Kremena Dimitrova, Cecilia Washburn, and Andrea Fonseca!

Heather and her bestie takin a moment to browse


On hiding free art

One of our favourite interviews was posted during this month. We found a Caribbean artist who was hiding free art around her city! The Phantom Art Project really lays out how easy it can be to be good human and serves as a reminder that being generous feels good for everyone.


Black Magic, Be A Man and The Anti Art Fair

This proved to be very special month where we put on 'Be A Man', a group exhibition with Theatre Deli featuring 10 amazing artists to help us raise awareness for the subject of men’s mental health, and we donated any commissions to Mind Charity. So many amazing artists came through with their submissions, it was very hard to choose. In the end, we selected a few amazing photographers Megan McAuley, Adam Hurst and New York based Robert Hickerson. We even had Sky Portrait Artist of the Year contestant Kelly Frank, and the seriously talented Vincenzo Muratore, Eve Kennedy, James Sirrell, Luca Bosani, Russell Haines and Alex Papachristou-Cox.

We had a wicked fun time hosting a bonus PaintFix workshop at The Anti Art Fair hosted by Creative Debuts & The Other Box. (Peep our PaintFix class at 2:15!)

We were so very excited to be celebrating black history month at the same time with an all female exhibition called ‘Black Magic’ that was held at the Genesis. We featured 3 superb up and coming artists that impressed us right away Natasha Lisa, Coreen Bernard, Ruby Head. Check our exhibitions page to see more about it.


Collage, Drawing, The V&A and more Drawing but with prizes

We were invited back to Peckham Springs with Creative Debuts Art Market, but this time with Paper, Wine, and Scissors for a collage art workshop! It was fun taking note of just how many magazines featured Megan Markle.

This was also a very special month where we did something super cool with our friends at the Victoria & Albert Museum. We were invited to be apart of the V&A Friday Late events under the theme Youth Culture. So we invited 5 truly inspiring young people that give social activism a place in their daily lives to share their work and experiences and encouraged the public audience to join in by drawing them as they spoke.

It was a beautiful evening of inspiration perfect for life drawing. If you missed it, you missed out! Shiden Tekle was there sharing his project about the underrepresentation of people of colour in the media. You might’ve seen those remixed Harry Potter posters on the bus stops that featured black children instead of the typical Harry, Ron and Hermione… well that was the work of Shiden's project Legally Black. One of Stylist's Women of the Year 2017 was there too, Anna Veglio-White. She shared experiences that inspired her to start up Sister Supporter. Shaz Hussain, the Assistant Curator of the Science Museum was there sharing her experiences as a person of colour working in the Museums, through her project Museum Detox. Newly elected Youth MP of Camden, 17 year old Athian Akec was sharing his thoughts and missions towards Brexit, decriminalisation of drugs and income equality, check the brilliant speech he did at The House of Commons. We ended the evening with an absolutely brilliant spoken word performance from Reece Lyons, who performed her viral poem “I Am A Woman & I Have A Penis”. Which has been viewed and shared over 2.5 Million times since this was published. Check our Facebook to see all the pictures people drew of them!

And to add to our sketching fever we opened our first Drawing Prize with the London Drawing Group! Applications are open until January 31st, 2019 so if that date has not yet passed head over to our application page and submit right away because if you’re into drawing then I’m going to assume you do not want to miss the chance to win £100 worth of art supplies, £100 worth of art LDG art classes and a space in our month long exhibition at Buster Mantis. Applications are open until Jan 31st, so enter now here


We rounded off the year with our annual art competition for young emerging artists under 25, 'LIFTED\\18’. This competition specifically aims to initiate young British artists into their first or second exhibition experience. The winners this year were 3 talented impressionist artists Celeste C. Da Luz, Polina Dobrotina and Ming Ying

We also managed to slip some art by Yharnna from @YharnnaDesigns and Amberlee from @Line_and_Honey into the brand new SEEK’D christmas pop-up shop in Brent Cross.

Phewwwf... whatayear! AMIRITE?

All that action and we were very ready for some rest, some food, and some holiday cheer. Now we're back in action and can't wait for the new days of 2019.

Thanks to every single one of the people who have been involved in anything we've done. And a huge thanks to everyone of you.. Reading this, commenting on stuff, tagging us, collaborating... all of it. Dark Yellow Dot exists not just for artists but for people who believe that creative thought and action is important. And effing fun! We know the new year ahead will bring lots more amazing experiences and growth and we hope you'll stick around to continue on the journey with us.

Much love.


Lauren Little

Lauren was born in London, but grew up in Canada where she received her degrees with distinction in Fine Arts and Education. Now she's back, she continues her work in creative arts by making art and teaching it, while developing opportunities for early career artists as the founder of the online platform Dark Yellow Dot.


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