How To Make Time For Art When You Have No Time

The modern world can feel hectic and time consuming at the best of times. Whether you work full time, are raising a family, or both, fitting in the time to enjoy and create art can seem almost impossible. However, there are some ways to squeeze it in, including some that take no time at all.

Here are some helpful hints and tips for keeping your creativity alive no matter your lifestyle or artistic medium of choice.

Let Your Surroundings Inspire You

Rather than spending precious time searching for inspiration through media, galleries or research, let yourself become inspired by the world around you. Search for beauty and inspiration on your daily commute, find it in your children, or in the place you live.

Release Your Inner Photographer

Photograph everything that catches your eye. You will begin to observe the world more carefully and notice things that you may have missed before. There is beauty everywhere, you only need to look for it. The wonder of photography is that it takes less than a quarter of a second to capture an image; it can be done while riding the bus, while sat at your desk, while cooking for your family. Shoot on your phone, shoot on film, shoot with a DSLR, whichever feels most natural to you. These images can then be transformed into paintings, pieces of poetry, sketches, collages, put into photography books or simply left as they are. You could check out iPhone Photography: How to Take Pro Photos On Your iPhone

Take Materials with You, Wherever You Go

Keep a small notebook and a couple of pens/pencils/charcoals in your bag and sketch whatever is in front of you between meetings, while travelling, or while watching TV. If you are poetically inclined, use your notebook to scribble down fragments of writing as they pop into your head. If you forget your book, text yourself these fragments for later. Challenge yourself to a five-minute sketch a day, and as you find success doing that, move onto two five-minute sketches or a ten-minute sketch a day. You might want to try Draw Your Life: Intro to Illustrated Journaling

Always Be Prepared

If you are a painter, set up a canvas in a quiet corner of your house and keep paints and brushes at the ready so you can paint a little every day. Even if you are only able to make thirty brushstrokes a day, it is better than nothing. Who knows, maybe even eventually a masterpiece could be born from it! You may find that once you have started painting, sketching or writing you just can’t stop. Once you’ve created the space to make your art, you might also find yourself spending less time watching television or spending fewer hours on social media.

Share Your Creativity

If you have children to keep entertained over the weekends, sit them down and teach them to draw, or create floral arrangements or perhaps even find some old photographs to sketch from and then have a go at doing it yourself. Turn art into a social activity: attend life drawing classes with friends, invite them over for some drinks and some still life-drawing. Share your creative passions with those around you.

Broaden Your Creative Horizons

If you have any free time on a weekend afternoon, you could consider joining a weekly art class, like PaintFix ; not only would you meet like-minded, artistic individuals but you would also be giving yourself at least an hour a week of quality art time.

Sneak in Time for Your Art

If you have a family, don’t be afraid to delegate some chores to them, while you sneak away to get creative. This will allow you more time to do what you love. You should always try and make time for art, whether it is as a side job or just for fun. Creative activity boosts your mental health and your overall wellbeing, which is something all of us could certainly use!

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Maya Sharp

Maya Sharp is a fine art photographer based in Manchester, she is currently in the last year of her BA in photography at Manchester school of art and focuses on ideas of the sublime landscape and photography’s relationship with literature. Particularly gothic/romantic poetry and its relationship with the natural world. @mayasharpphoto

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