How To Be a Goal Digger & Win at Life

Whatever you want in your life is already there waiting for you. It’s literally waiting to fall onto you. But you have to be ready for it, and you have to prepare yourself. There’s a reason some people win the lottery, blow it all and end up right back where they started. Or that regular person who became instaFamous and ruined themselves just as fast.

Your wishes can come true, but there must be a gustation period in which we have to prepare ourselves for it mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically before we reach our goals. There a few things you should consider first before you embark on the journey towards crushing your goals so that you're clear in your intentions, and satisfied when you've achieved it. #WINNING

Visualise Your Future-self.

The most important part of this whole journey you’re about to embark on, it to determine the picture of who you want to become.

Who are you in the future? A more bold, stronger, wiser, richer, happier, courageous version of you?

What do you think it will feel like to be that person? How will you behave? These are all questions that can help you get into the place of aligning with your future self so that you have a clear understanding of the steps you can take to get there.

Make a 'Mood Board of You'.

I suggest making a mood board of you. It's different from a Vision Board. This is like something that gives you a feeling about yourself whenever you look at it. Allowing you to feel the essence of who you want to be. Kind of like a fashion mood board or wedding mood board, except the project is you.

Rake through some mags, some Instagram, some Pinterest, some films, and capture the stills that resinate with you visually and represent your future self, your future essence. Not to be confused with the things or items your future self has - those are things for the Vision Board. (If do wanna know what the hell a vision board is though, Jack Canfield is the perfect person to explain how to make one)

Your mood board can consist of colours and tones, fabrics, fonts, artwork, or images of people… whatever makes you go “THAT is SO me!” Focus on things that ‘feel like you’ put em’ all together and stick them down on paper and put it somewhere highly visible to you.

Find your purpose.

It’s time to think about your life’s purpose. It’s a big question, that may not be easy to answer. But when our goals are aligned with our life's purpose those goals seem much more achievable and relevant.

Is your life’s purpose to be good to all the humans you interact with? Bring joy and happiness to the world? Is it to help or connect people? Make people laugh? I don’t know what it is for you, but I know you can find what your purpose is, despite where you are or how you feel about your current situation.

The Big Picture & The Little Picture

So what’s the goal? What’s the big overall picture goal? Put it into words. Like, physically write it down. Writing things down is an act of materialising your dreams and goals, helping to bring them to life.

How is the big picture different from the little picture?

Well, one's immediate and one's not. One is broad, and the other is specific.

The Big Picture is the overarching idea of what you want to do or who you want to be.

The Little Picture is numerically specific and it’s usually time sensitive. That’s something you can begin right now. It’s the first steps to reaching the goal.

For example:

Big picture: I want to become financially free.

Little Picture: By the end of the month, I want to learn 5 proven ways to make and save more money.

But why?

You know exactly what the goal is, but why do you want this?

Chances are this is a goal you’ve always had, and haven’t yet achieved it, but still keep wanting to achieve it. But why is that? Think about why you are so drawn to accomplishing this thing in the first place, and what are the real benefits of having achieved it.

Make an Action Plan.

Now, we’ve determined our future self, our life's purpose, the main goal and why we want the goal. Now the next bit, is figuring out how to actually get the ball rolling and get that shit accomplished.

Making the plan is the easy bit, it’s sticking to the plan which is the hardest part. Raise your hand if you’ve ever fallen off the wagon….. I see you all. My hand is raised too.

It’s important to acknowledge that FAILURE IS OKAY.

We actually need to fail at things to learn from them. It helps us to fine tune our methods and reevaluate our plans. Especially because we are not experts at that thing we want to achieve or else we would have already achieved it. So we do kind of need to throw some things at the wall to see what sticks. And that’s the part that can take a bit of time.

No need to beat ourselves up about failing to stick to the plan. Just know that if the plan was actually working, get back on it. But if it isn’t working, try a new plan or make a change to the current one.

Determine your very first step, and the rest will become clearer.

Is your first step to register for a course? Join a gym? Buy a book?

No matter what your goal is, you’ll need a plan.

Now what?

When you’ve reached a goal, you should feel really proud of yourself! You worked hard, and your discipline allowed you to put a big green check mark on your big goal.

Celebrate that moment!

Commemorate it. Do something that acknowledges all the hard work that went into completing that goal. When you’ve finished celebrating, take a step back, look at what worked for you, what you learned about yourself, and move on to setting and beginning the next goal.

Remember to be grateful.

I think the most important thing of all here is to outwardly express gratitude for being able to start and reach your goals. And to be present in the moments that have lead up to it and beyond. There are so many people that are not around to see their goals come to fruition or irreversibly lose themselves along the way. Be thankful that you made it!

To be honest, sometimes what we think we wanted isn’t at all as satisfying as we first hoped. But you still managed to do everything you could to reach your goal, learn from your journey and that is most definitely something worthy of celebration, acknowledgement and most importantly self reflection.

Setting goals will help you understand who you want to become and why. Along the way you'll realise what your purpose is, and figure out some of the steps on how to get to your ultimate goals.

Start now and keep going.

Remember, the journey is what holds all the fun! Make it your daily ritual to be good to your present and future self by doing all the nurtures and fulfils you. Always remember that if something doesn't feel good to your soul, you don't have to do it.

No matter how large or small your goals are, you can achieve them if you are allowing yourself the tools to prepare and stay committed to yourself.

Hopefully you’ve seen or read some useful ideas here to help you on your way to becoming your best future you. If you’ve found this useful share it with a friend, that makes us happy. And if you're not already, join the mailing list for more posts like this.

I'd love to know, what are some of your goals this year? This month? Today? Share them in the comments.


Lauren Little

Lauren was born in London, but grew up in Canada where she received her degrees with distinction in Fine Arts and Education. Now she's back, she continues her work in creative arts by making art and teaching it, while developing opportunities for early career artists as the founder of the online platform Dark Yellow Dot.

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