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In selecting the artworks for our recent group exhibition 'Captive State', many artists grabbed our attention, but none where as musically alive this. Artist Roberto Grosso, a mixed media artist originally from Italy, has managed to captivate us with his highly energetic, digitally painted, brushed metal artworks with a mind blowing augmented reality component. We picked his brain a bit about how he goes about making artwork with so many dynamic parts to it. Here's what he had to say:

[DYD] What made you decide to enter your artwork with Dark Yellow Dot for this group show 'Captive State'?

[RG] I’m always on the look for opportunities that stand out, and I like the Dark Yellow Dot mission.

[DYD] What 'captivates' you?

[RG] Everything, I’m curious by nature, so I walk around like a kid in search of something.

Music will always fascinate me, even when trends are not my taste, then I search comfort in a good old record.

[DYD] What was your biggest inspiration when creating the pieces that we featured for this show?

[RG] Music is my main inspiration, it lives through me and my goal is to visualize its immateriality. Three pieces are in this show, one is Sleeping Ute, with music from Grizzly Bear. All Apologies, with music from Nirvana. The last is Black Code where the music is mine, from my vinyl Limb_o that I launched in 2017.

[DYD] Can you tell us a bit about your process? Which part of your process takes the most time?

[RG] My process goes through many art fields. I select the song, that I learn to play with my guitar, to be able to make it my own. After this I commission the shots to my photographer, then I start painting so I can apply my brush strokes onto the artwork digitally. In the last step I add augmented reality on top of my art, available to anyone with a smartphone and the app HP Reveal.

[DYD] What is your most important artists tool? Something you couldn’t live without in your studio.

[RG] As my process is made of several different parts, I couldn’t get rid of anything to reach my final goal.

[DYD] How do you know when a piece is finished?

[RG] That’s the million dollar question. Every artist could add little details for decades, but the piece was probably ready not long after its inception. I decide when a piece is finished, when I’m confident it’s getting the right message across.

[DYD] Do you work from home or in a studio? How does this inform your art process?

[RG] I have small studio in my h

ome, where I can implement all these interdisciplinary

layers. With such a complex process, I need to be organized and ready to follow each step thoroughly.

[DYD] What projects are you working on next?

[RG] I have several shows confirmed, one fair in London, one live music and exhibition in Italy and I’m working with a gallery in Washington to expand my career in the US as well. With these shows in mind, I’ve been working on developing my style forward, adding more physical painting into my work.

To see Roberto Grosso's work in person visit our group exhibition Captive State from March 10th - May 10th, 2018 at Number 177 in Hoxton, London which features artwork from the other selected artists Ronan Walsh, Mark Batty, Riko Yasumiya. Click here for more details about the exhibition or visit Roberto's website to see more of his artwork.

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