5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Your Artwork Seen

It seems like the world today is saturated with super talented artists. Let me guess.. you're one of them? You're awesome at making stuff and you'd like more people to see it, so that one day, hopefully one day soon, you can profit from your art and perhaps make a decent living by doing it. I want that for you! Truly, I do. So here are 5 things that you can do today, that can help you get some more eyeballs on your goodies..

1. Get on Instagram

If you're not on Instagram already you really need to get with the times. Instagram is the most visual social media platform out there, and with it's growing popularity Instagram has upwards of 800 million users! So the chances of getting eyeballs on your work is spectacular. Now since there are millions upon millions of people using Instagram you'll have to get smart and savvy about how your going to use it to actually get noticed.

First, make an account just for your art. Don't mix and match your personal with your business.. Unless your a lifestyle blogger, then that would make sense. But you're an artist, so you'll want to make your feed all about your art work. Post your newest pieces, projects, works in progress, pics of your studio space, close ups, sketch ideas, exciting news... things of that nature.

Post consistently, especially in the beginning. (Admittedly, I'm notoriously bad for this) and use relevant hashtags in the comments section. Choose tags that are popular, but not too popular. Around 60,000 - 100,000 posts. This is because, if a hashtag is overly used, like #love then your post is just going to get drowned in the sea of other users using the same #love hashtag and your beautiful post will get lost. Also, it's good to change up your hashtags every now and then to keep things fresh. Some good ones to use are ...

My best advice for Instagram is to follow art sharing accounts because they are always looking for new artists to feature. But make sure your feed has at least 20 posts, because it will show them that you're a practicing artist with lots of work to choose from.

Tag art sharing accounts in your photos along with art supply brands that you used in the art you're posting. Sometimes, if you're lucky, brands will repost your pics! Keep in mind Dark Yellow Dot shares your art daily and we are always looking for artists that use #darkyellowartist or #darkyellowdot in their posts.

2. Join Facebook groups

I thought Facebook was so over... Until I joined a few groups and posted about my art, and got some great returns. I have gotten many unique opportunities from Facebook groups and Instagram, like interviews with apps and magazines, featuring my art in a film, meeting new people and making cool projects. Don't underestimate Facebook it can be a great tool to show off your stuff! While you're at it, consider creating a Facebook page for your art. I personally, haven't had much success in that route, but I've seen it work wonders for others. Similar to the Instagram suggestion, it can allow you to separate your art from your personal accounts.

3. Make a website

If you're serious about being a professional artist, you should definitely have a website. Nowadays it's easier than ever to get online with a DIY website. Google will return loads of options for you on how to get started, but my personal favourite is WIX. Even if you have no confidence in your computer skills, WIX makes it super easy! I personally have done tons of research like, watched hours of tutorials and have even taken classes on how to make good user friendly websites. I've used everything from Weebly to WordPress, and WIX is by far my favourite. I even shut down all my WordPress sites and moved everything over to WIX. (Yes, even this website) I promise they didn't even pay me to say this!

You can sign up for a free WIX account here.

Once you've made an account you can choose from hundreds of really creative templates, and get started. It's is free to use, but if you want your own custom url you'll have to upgrade. With that upgrade though, you can get a free domain, hosting, secure online store, take bookings, get a custom email address and lots more.

If your short on cash and can't upgrade just yet, your domain name will look something like wix.com/hakjehjs.xijwjk.yourname - kinda ugly right? Not really something you'd like plastered all over your social media and business cards.

No problem though, there's a work around...You can create a short link!

bit.lySign upI use and get yourself a free account and create a short link. This is not an affiliate link btw, no one paid me, I just genuinely find Bitly useful. but there's many more shortening services like Goo.gl, TinyURL, Ow.ly are some others, although I'm only familiar with bit.ly.

It's pretty simple. Consider something like bit.ly/yourartname. That way, when someone types or click that link, they'll get redirected straight to your website. And best of all, bit.ly allows you to track how many clicks people made to your site. Be sure to add the link into your bio on Instagram.

4. Sign up to craft shows

Look around for local craft shows and fairs, and apply for a stall. This is such a great way to get your name out there, mingle and interact with your customers and potential clients. Test new products and take notes of their reactions to your work. Craft shows are a fun way to network and be inspired by other artisans doing similar things and running a small business. As well, when you register to sell with a craft show, often you'll be notified of other craft shows going on that you might not know about. London has many great craft shows to join.

Here are a few of my favourites:

London artisan

Crafty Fox - Psst.. Crafty fox has a brilliant discount for first timers!

SoLo craft fair

Jubilee Market

Uxbridge Craft Market

If you've been to any other great ones here in London, feel free to leave a comment.

5. Enter art competitions

Art competitions can be a super helpful way to get your art out there. Some are free to enter but most require a small fee. That fee usually pays for things like prizes, and the time it takes to filter through all those entries. I loved entering competitions with my art because even though there may be loads of other artists competing too, noone has what you have. And you don't necessary have to be the 'best' to win, just be different. Judges are looking for fresh and innovative approaches to art making.

Another plus is that the judges have to look at your art. Perhaps you didn't win that particular competition, but you never know, you could be awarded or contacted for another opportunity later on. That's a bonus!

You don't even need to look far too for competitions either. Right now we are running our own competition LIFTED 2017! You can enter any art medium for a chance to win a spot on the gallery walls of the legendary Genesis Cinema in East London. They get thousands of people waking through that place everyday to hang out, so it's definitely a brilliant place to get your art seen by many. But don't wait to enter... Submissions end by October 10th, 2017 at 11pm. #ShamelessPlug

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So there you have it my top 5 tips to getting your art seen. Give these a try and let me know in the comments what's worked or hasn't worked for you.

This post contains Wix affiliate links.

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