What Exactly Can You Do With That Art Degree?

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One single question that is undeniably cringe worthy. You're thinking "I'm creative... I just want a creative life"

You've either always been that way or you've discovered a new found love of art that has unleashed all the feels and you just can't go on living without devoting big portions of your life to art and creativity.

You know there are so many career options out there, but you aren't entirely sure what to do, where to start or how to begin the journey.

The decision to go and study something that you have shown an interest in is always going to be beneficial. Whether you love or end up hating it, you'll learn a lesson either way.

Learning from groups of carefully selected professional creatives that can offer indispensable advice, and prompt life changing discussions are just a few benefits of hitting the books at a university level.

Not to mention all the other great creative minds you will encounter that will give you honest feedback about your work, help you while you develop new work, and all those silly souls that are sure to become life long friends.

Surrounding yourself with artists on a daily basis is, in itself, a purely remarkable thing to do.

However, coming out the other end with thousands to repay in student debt is a complete life suck.

So yes, it can be a very tough decision.

The whole life path, career options, university applications, job hunting but wanna-be a creative thing, can leave any normal person feeling like they are trying to complete a Rubrik's Cube of Life.

Although, the Universe always delivers the answer.

So here is your 'book falling off the shelve at just the right time' moment. You're in the right place my friend. Even if you've put your best foot forward with a particularly stellar Artist CV, or you've built up an outstanding portfolio, where do you go from here?

Below is a list of 91 things you can do

...or become with that well earned Arts Degree/ Certification/Diploma of yours.

(Bonus: Not all of these careers even need a degree!)

What you can do with your creative degree

  1. Accessory designer

  2. Actor

  3. Advertising designer

  4. Animation director

  5. Animator

  6. Architect

  7. Art critic

  8. Art Dealer

  9. Art director

  10. Art historian

  11. Art Teacher

  12. Arts administration

  13. Brand manager

  14. Camera Man

  15. Cartoonist

  16. Casting director

  17. Chief creative officer

  18. Choreographers

  19. Cinematographer

  20. Colorist

  21. Comic book creator

  22. Compositor

  23. Coppersmith

  24. Copywriter

  25. Costume Designer

  26. Creative director

  27. Creative professional (basically a multi-potentialite)

  28. Creative writer

  29. Curator

  30. Dancer

  31. Design director

  32. Design strategist

  33. E-commerce Art Administrator

  34. Fashion designer

  35. Film critic

  36. Film director

  37. Film Editor

  38. Fine artist

  39. Furniture designer

  40. Gallery Administrator

  41. Game artist

  42. Graphic designer

  43. Hair Artist

  44. Hand Letterer

  45. Illustrator

  46. Industrial designer

  47. Interior designer

  48. Jewellery designer

  49. Landscape Architect

  50. Leadman

  51. Lyricist

  52. Make-up artist

  53. Media designer

  54. Multi-media artist

  55. Music Teacher

  56. Photographer

  57. Photojournalist

  58. Playwright

  59. Printmaker

  60. Production designer

  61. Reporter

  62. Scenographer

  63. Screenwriter (Film)

  64. Sculptor

  65. Set Designer

  66. Set dresser

  67. Silversmith

  68. Sound designer

  69. Stage director

  70. Stage Manager

  71. Theatre consultant

  72. Theatre Director

  73. TV Editor

  74. Typographer/ Typesetter

  75. Urban planner

  76. Videographer

  77. Web designer

Creative careers you can do without a degree

78. Artist

79. Artisan

80. Author

81. Art Model

82. Blogger

83. Event manager

84. Floral designer

85. Food stylist

86. Poet

87. Recording Artist

88. Social Media Marketer

89. Translator/Linguist

90. Wedding planner

91. Youtuber

A bunch of options! Who doesn't love a whole bunch of options?

You can even use the websites below to see how much money you can earn in these careers. But of course, the sky is the limit! You can find yourself earning way more than you initially thought possible doing what you enjoy.

Salary Checking Sites:

Helpful books and resources:

How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life

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Lauren Little

Lauren was born in London, but grew up in Canada where she received her degrees with distinction in Fine Arts and Education. Now she's back, she continues her work in creative arts by making art and teaching it, while developing opportunities for early career artists by creating and running the online platform Dark Yellow Dot.


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