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Are you a versatile and motivated graduate with a passion for art? If so, apply now to join a London art charity delivering world-class art...

PEER is a London based art charity that prides itself on delivering world-class art that is “led by ideas and excellence … and embeds its activities into the local community to offer and promote the highest quality art as being part of daily life”. It is part of the Art Council England’s National Portfolio and supports artists at various stages of their careers. It also strives to make a positive impact on the local environment through its exhibitions, public art and engagement programmes. PEER, together with the local Tenant Management Organisation maintains Khadija’s Garden, which is a public space with planting, seating, bike parking and a pedestal clock outside the gallery on Hoxton Street, and there will be opportunities for the intern to assist with looking after these.

PEER is looking for a Gallery Trainee to join their team.

Click here to apply: https://creativeaccess.org.uk/opportunity-details/?gallery-trainee&opportunity-id=117

Please do not email applications, these will not be accepted


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