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We are looking for artists who identify as disabled and have experiences of difficulty navigating through public space due to mobility issues, and related experiences of social isolation.

The feeling of not belonging because of poor design when journeying through public space.

The feeling of having to risk personal safety to participate.

A sense of friction or weight left in the mind that affects the desire to move through public space.

We want to explore this feeling of having your world blocked by bad design or indirectly through other people's actions. While we want to change the world we also value making art and finding ways to deal with the reality of the stupid cities we have to live in right now.

It’s important to understand that disability covers a wide spectrum of people and that many people feel that “they are not disabled enough”, so we want to be clear. If you find yourself limiting your movement due to access, unable to do some journeys without support, find it difficult to navigate public transport, sometimes/always need wheels (mobility scooters/wheelchairs etc) to get about or have a child who has mobility needs we are talking about you.

We are looking for visual, video or text based work around this theme, and have 3 microgrants of £300 to offer for artists.

We are offering the grants as a platform for artists to discuss this theme. This can take the form of interactive media, digital, writing, poetry, graphic works, drawing, painting, sound or video.

Application is a simple online submission process.

We ask for;

A short artist bio.

A paragraph on what you would like to submit.

A web link and up to 3 supporting images.

Applications open here:



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