"Save Lives : clean your hands" at Mercato Metropolitano with Brioni's art



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Brioni is an artist London-based. Her approach to music and art is unprecedented as she utilizes her chromesthesia to create and perform: a type of synesthesia where sound involuntarily evokes the experience of seeing colors. Being an experienced music producer and painter, Brioni successfully intertwines both worlds in a way that is wholly original. The colorful textures she perceives when hearing music are depicted by her in her paintings, and when she performs she performs solo on stage playing her paintings as an electronic drum all connected with a keyboard, controller, and laptop.


It’s like her paintings have transcended the visual world and have developed it’s own auditory language. Her music is heavily Electronic with atmospheric sound textures and pulsating drum machines, and it’s all packaged in an infectious Pop style that is accessible yet artistic. She performed and exhibited her artworks during Venice Biennale in 2019. Brioni has also teamed up with an organization called “Treedom Trees.” 50% of her profit are going to them to help plant trees worldwide.


She was recenlty commissioned for a mural in the new bathrooms of Mercato Metropolitano in London, aiming to spread awareness about hygiene as the most effective action you can take to reduce the spread of pathogens and prevent infections, including the Covid19 virus. What she says about this experience: "I think Art is a universal language able to communicate to everyone, with no borders and no discrimination. It is mandatory for artists worldwide to use this special way of communication to stand up for fundamental themes and serve the community. Also, I enjoyed the power in my hands to transform a space that usually is barren and impersonal into a welcoming and inspiring place! Beauty is not always “somewhere else” if you look with new eyes what you have around you."


Everything was possible thanks to Mercato Metropolitano, the first sustainable community market for food lovers, which promotes a healthy approach by focusing on artisans and local producers. The call was shared by SKT, a young organization that provides tools to the artists to conquer new unusual places to spread artworks, especially where you are not expecting them.



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