1 November - 12 December 2017

Our first annual art competition selects 3 winners aged 16-25 for their first exhibition


Mica McDonald

I am currently living ,making art in london. I Graduated from the university of brighton with a BA in fine art painting. I mostly create collages by taking images from different books/magazines, images that are unconnected, unrelated, and placing them into a world where they connect and create new relationships. I take something that is whole, and dissect it, deface it, remove parts, remove its identity and most importantly its voice. My work is a personal visual disclosure of my own fears, hopes, events in my own life that have have had an impact on the way i see myself and the world

Iris Legendre

Born 1988 in Versailles, Iris Legendre currently lives and works in East London. She graduated in 2012 from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and also studied at the Sydney College of The Arts, Australia. She has taken part in solo and group exhibitions in France (Paris, Toulouse), Portugal (Guimaraes, Porto), Australia (Sydney) and the UK (London, Bristol). Iris Legendre might be described as a clinical watercolour painter, familiar with the defects showing on our skin and acquainted with the inner torments we express by raising our eyebrows she is also known for her storytelling and her “hand-made” manipulations of images: the series titled "Constellations" (2016) reveals an agglutination of digits around geometric forms. With these cold abstractions, fragments of faces appear, looking vulnerable to the omens revealed by numeric constellations.

Nasima Bibi

Nasima Bibi is a British born Bangladeshi who graduated with a BA Honors in Fine art at the University of Bedfordshire. The ideas for each piece she creates can manifest from her surroundings, whether that be from verbal expressions, emotions, personal/social experiences, quotes, song lyrics and lines from movies. Nasima creates images that make those spoken words into visual images, combining metaphorical and literal language together and turning it into paintings and drawings.



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