Hidden Truths

12 July - 17 August

A solo exhibition featuring Kelly Frank's newest series of drawings in response to the lockdown


Kelly Frank

Kelly frank is a figurative painter whose work challenges the idea of truth. Her paintings explore the notion of discrepancies in our body and soul, she is interested in sincerity and how we show that as individuals and as communities. Using orientation and the surface her paintings question the role of truth in society.

“Covid-19 is a new illness, that can affect your lungs and airways, it is caused by a
virus called coronavirus” – NHS UK.

In the months preceding the discovery of Covid-19, the world has plunged into a
reclusive state. Nations have urged citizens to isolate themselves in their homes to
protect the vulnerable. The disease has caused over 500,000 deaths world-wide;
burdening national health systems and paralysing the economies. As people hide in
the safety of their abodes; newspapers, social media, and online articles have been
our guiding force in understanding this deadly disease. Along with it, has come a sea
of confusion, contradictions, and alterations as new data is released. False and fake
news has increased exponentially. In an age where the spread of information,
opinion, and facts is so easy, it begs the question, does truth matter?

This series of drawings and collages by artist Kelly Frank are derived from a range of sources; online
articles, news apps, and stills from social media. Each add a layer to the reality seen
in 4 months of lockdown. Each drawing is rotated 90 degrees before adding a new
layer of truth. Collectively the drawings mark a visual history of the images that have
shaped our understanding of Covid-19 and importantly our emotions towards it.



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