15 July - 2 September 2019

4 local artists showcase their analogue and digital collage art


Lauren Little

Lauren Little is a mixed media artist, teacher and independent curator. Born in London, England. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and another in Education from the University of Calgary in Canada where she lived for 14 years. Lauren primarily uses paper and photographic imagery in her work as a tool to describe the colourful beauty in the mundane and ordinarily disregarded features of everyday life. ​ Her work in the creative arts continues to evolve as she uses her time create new artwork, and encourages others to express their own creativity through her self-made projects Dark Yellow Dot & Feeding Stick Figures.

Anna Lisa Ferrara

I've been making collages for five years, it's a creative outlet which took me a while to find but that I feel is part of me now.
It keeps me sane in this insane world, which is why I never wanted to make it too public in order to keep it mine. I have only recently turned my Instagram public and created a website, I feel finally ready to come out and share my collages with whomever may enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.
In Honesty, Anna Lisa.

Helena Cardow

Helena Cardow is a London-based artist who is currently balancing working as a gallery assistant whilst experimenting with her personal artistic practice. Her work is multimedia-based, including diverse creative practices including collage, photography, oil painting and graphic design. As a self-taught artist, Helena explores new mediums readily and is constantly seeking novel modes of self-expression.

Robert Czibi

I was born in Hungary, based in London since 2010 and contributed to the capital’s art scene from the outset. I started painting in the early 90s, while studying and working at the Open Studio Art Foundation of Városliget in Budapest. My works has been exhibited at London’s Park Theatre and at New York University as well as at UCL Festival of Culture in London. Now I am working as an artist in residence at Park Theatre in London and continue to work with other artist projects.



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