Black Magic

9 October - 14 November 20

A group exhibition in celebration of Black History Month

Claire-Anne Abi Ola

Claire-Anne Abi Ola is a London based artist. Her artwork is inspired by African patterns, and old family photographs. She uses throw-away newspapers, magazines, and painted paper to create her imagery of family members. This is also to show that things people may see as worthless can still be useful. Ola began to be inspired by the magnificent African garments that her family wore, and this is what led to her experimentation with wax and dye. The organic patterns she creates are made with kitchen utensils and vegetables. The figures on the pieces are influenced by West-African art.

Natasha Lisa

Natasha Lisa is a London based Jewellery designer and illustrator with a studio in Hackney. Operating under the name Afro Deco, Natasha channels the stylistic influences of Art Deco design and the vibrant patterns of Africa fabrics in her diverse range of artwork and acrylic jewellery.

Ruby Head

I enjoy experimenting with different mediums though I love to paint & draw . My favourite thing is representing real people in varying real life themes & expressions .

Coreen Bernard

Contemporary artist, born in 1988 in Hertfordshire.
She merges classic painting techniques with elements of street art through the use of stencils, spray paint and collages, primarily using acrylics as a medium. Her works range from grand scale to refined decorative pieces, consisting of provocative themes of cultural identity with hints of historical context within a contemporary framework.
Her artworks have been exhibited in galleries across London and acquired in private collections in Europe and the United Sates
Currently based in London, she is continuing to create artwork, working as a creative assistant, facilitating workshops.



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